Testimonials & Recommendations

Chevron Phillips Baytown, Texas Refinery recommends Confined Space Control Covers

As an employee in the petrochemical industry for 30 years, I’d like to recommend CSCC for confined space work at your facility. I have been utilizing the confined space covers at my facility for a year now. The folks at CSCC were able to provide us with not only the signage recognized industry wide, but went a step further to customize verbiage unique to our EH&S policy. I am directly responsible for the safety of contractors performing maintenance on process equipment as well as the tanks where our products are stored. I utilize the mesh covers for exchanger shells after bundle removal. While very few exchanger shells are entered, the signage is clear and I don’t have to worry about trash being tossed in. For my tank work, I use the solid and vented locking covers. They provide a higher level of protection for the more lengthy tasks like tank inspections that can last several weeks, even months. The locking feature ensures that only those permitted to enter can enter the confined space. The vented locking covers allow better air flow through the confined space for those performing the work.

Steve Stiff
NAO/PAO Operations/Maintenance Specialist
Chevron Phillips Chemical Co. LP

Recommendation from Buddy Tucker, VPP Board of Directors

When I was first introduced to Confined Space Control Covers, I immediately understood and appreciated the potential impact that this revolutionary product would have on confined space entry. As we know, even with all of the regulation & safety procedures in place, the Petrochemical & Refining industry continues to experience OSHA recordables, injuries and fatalities due to unauthorized confined space entry. These simple covers from CSCC, Incorporated are a great solution to our constant strive for confined space safety improvement. I believe that these covers are well on their way to becoming the new industry standard. As the leading and most powerful industry in the world, it is our duty and responsibility to stay committed to constantly improving productivity & safety by utilizing the most effective methods and products available.

Buddy Tucker
Business Development Manager
National VPP Board of Directors OSHA
The Mundy Companies

Shell Oil Products in Martinez, California Recommendation

Recently Shell Martinez Turnaround group contacted CSCC to purchase a few covers for confined spaces to help us control entry during Inert Catalyst work on our Reactors. These covers were the first devices we have found that provide a true locking mechanism as well as customizable to suit our needs including verbiage on the warning signs we want to be clear. We recently used these covers during a Hydrocracker Cat Change, the covers worked excellent & provided the Catalyst contractor a true way to actually lock out the space & have full control.

Kalani Cobb
Shell Oil Products USA
T/A Coordinator/ Firefighter-Captain

ExxonMobil Baytown, Texas Refinery Recommendation

After initially being introduced to the products by CSCC, I knew that that these were products that would be very useful to us.  After a successful trial run with a few covers, we have purchased several more with no quality or functional issues at all.  Our primary use for the covers has been to restrict entry to tanks during the cleaning and maintenance work.  These covers have allowed us to clearly indicate that the space is to not be entered without an entry permit, keep trash and animals out, as well as be much easier to use than traditional barricade tape.  We have several other uses in mind, and would recommend CSCC’s products to anyone responsible for work on tanks, exchangers, and pressure vessels.

Ryan Murray
Tank Team Process Mechanical Contact
BTRF PSD Oil Movements Rm. 104