Lockable- Premium Ventilated Confined Space Control Covers


Ideal for:

  • Manways requiring effective barrier protection to eliminate unauthorized entry.
  • Effectively controlling entry/egress points.
  • Everyday operations, turnarounds, shutdowns & outages.
  • Downstream refining, petrochem, offshore, shipyards & more.
  • VPPPA facilities & sites looking to reduce risks.
  • Standardizing confined space method throughout.
  • Service companies committed to best practice work standards at all sites.

MADE IN THE USA. Lockable Premium Ventilated Confined Space Control Covers are a durable, reusable, reliable and effective barrier protection/signage solution. Each cover size is capable of covering a variety of different openings. However, we have created several size options to ensure the best overall fit possible. Custom sizes, shapes, features and signage also available.
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*EXTRA SMALL– fits standard 16”-18” (406mm-457mm) manway
SMALL– fits standard 20” (508mm) manway
MEDIUM– fits standard 24” (609mm) manway
LARGE– fits standard 30” (762mm) manway
EXTRA LARGE– fits standard 36” (914mm) manway
*not a permanetly stocked size. May require manufacturing time.
Sizes are based on ANSI standard 150# flange. See sizing chart for detailed sizing reference.



Patent No. U.S. 8,684,061

Product Benefits & Features:

  • Barrier protection & signage in one easy-to-use product
  • Ventilated UV/FR treated black mesh center to provide proper ventilation as needed.
  • Includes 1½ inch gas testing port. The test port allows you to gas test the confined space without having to remove the cover.
  • Excellent resistance against oils & hydro-carbons.
  • Use to keep out foreign materials & animals/insects.
  • Covers manufactured in BRIGHT RED solid fabric for high visibility
  • Includes black UV/FR treated polyester mesh center to provide proper ventilation where needed.
  • Durable, reusable, easy to clean & store.
  • Lightweight & easy to carry.
  • Your best practice solution for protecting against the dangers of confined spaces.
  • Stops unauthorized entry and forces everyone to do the right thing, all the time.
  • PROP 65 & REACH compliant.

Product Specifications:

  • High quality Fire & Chemical Resistant PVC coated polyester fabric-woven using a special reinforced "rip-stop" technique, making them highly resistant to ripping. Rated to withstand 450°F.
  • Ventilated black mesh is a polyester fabric treated for UV and fire resistance. Rated to withstand up to 400°F. Woven using a special reinforced "rip-stop" technique, making them highly resistant to ripping.
  • 1.5inch nylon strapping features 15 grommets on each end, allowing you to pull and tighten securely before locking.
  • Black UV treated polyester thread designed for outdoor durability.
  • Custom cover sizes/shapes are available. Custom sign verbiage also available to fit your specific needs.
  • 1½ inch gas testing port. The test port allows you to gas test the confined space without having to remove the cover.
  • UV coated vinyl sign printed with latex ink. Rated for minimum 3 years, 24/7 direct exposure.
  • 2-year manufacturer warranty included.



  • Great for confined spaces that require proper ventilation & protection from unauthorized entry.
  • Use when work is being done on upper levels and lower levels are restricted. No need for a hole watch or needing to instruct entire work staff to avoid these confined spaces. Simply install & secure all necessary confined spaces with these lockable covers.
  • Covers cannot be removed or breached. Install these lockable covers to ensure that employees/contractors don't sneak and take a nap on the night shifts.
  • Use Lockable covers in combination with our non-locking Elastic covers to successfully control access and egress points when multiple openings are present.
  • Incorporate into your storeroom as a stock item to ensure continuous best practice methods are being used.
  • Companies are commonly re-writing procedures/policies to require the use of elastic and lockable covers by employees and contractors.

How to Determine Size Needed
Quick Sizing Reference

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CCVP-1200 Extra Small ……..$137.50, CCVP-1300 Small ……………. $148.50, CCVP-1400 Medium …………..$154.00, CCVP-1500 Large ……………. $159.50, CCVP-1600 Extra Large …….. $170.50


STANDARD-"Danger-Confined Space-Enter by Permit Only", CUSTOM-requires verbiage/artwork