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Lockable Covers:

Lockable Premium SolidLockable Premium Ventilated with Gas Test PortLockable Standard Red MeshLockable Ratchet Strap

Non-Lockable Covers:

Elastic Confined Space CoverMagneticVelcro


Confined Space Control Covers was developed by a chemical plant operator/U.S. military veteran who has been in the industry for 17 years. These covers were designed to promote excellence in confined space safety. Confined Space Control Covers is a best practice solution with the goal of keeping employees/contractors safe while also reducing the company’s overall liability.

Unfortunately, history has proven that we are no longer able to rely on training, strict policies or experience alone to ensure safety. The most effective solution is to combine the most effective products available with the knowledge needed to reduce the risk of human error. Statistics show that a large number of injuries/deaths occur due to complacency, lapse in judgement and even due to a total disregard for company policies. By incorporating Confined Space Control Covers, your company demonstrates its commitment to the safety of their employees while reducing the risk of violations/fines. Ultimately saving lives and money.

By using an all-in-one product offering both barrier protection & signage, your company can secure and communicate confined space openings on man-ways, heater doors, nozzles, columns, tower/vessel skirts & more. Our lockable and adjustable Confined Space Control Cover is fitted over the existing flange and is secured by installing a safety padlock, giving safety personnel 100% control of the confined space and forcing everyone to follow procedure. Being proactive rather than reactive could mean the difference between life and death! Are you doing enough?

Confined Space Control Covers are being utilized in downstream refining, petrochemical, offshore, shipyards, and various other industries. With the increasing global attention and demand, they are well on their way to changing the industry standard.

Confined Space Control Covers meet and exceed the OSHA 29CFR 1910.146 standards for Permit Required Confined Spaces.

OSHA 1910.146 defines a “Confined space” as a space that:

  • Is large enough and so configured that an employee can bodily enter and perform assigned work; and
  • Has limited or restricted means for entry or exit (for example, tanks, vessels, silos, storage bins, hoppers, vaults, and pits are spaces that may have limited means of entry.); and
  • Is not designed for continuous employee occupancy.

1910.146(c)(2)- Signage
If the workplace contains permit spaces, the employer shall inform exposed employees, by posting danger signs or by any other equally effective means, of the existence and location of and the danger posed by the permit spaces.
NOTE: A sign reading DANGER — PERMIT REQUIRED CONFINED SPACE, DO NOT ENTER or using other similar language would satisfy the requirement for a sign.

1910.146(c)(3)- Entry barrier
If the employer decides that its employees will not enter permit spaces, the employer shall take effective measures to prevent its employees from entering the permit spaces…